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Visual Objects 2.6 Update Page

As update for your visual Objects 2.6 become available there will be a link here to retrieve them. Thanks for your continued support of Visual Objects.

To correct VO 2.6 calling the 2.5 help file download cavostr.dll to your cavo26\bin directory  cavostr.dll    10/16/2002

Latest  bBrowser. Download this new file.

Help file for bBrower in English  bBrowser Help file in English

Latest  VO Productivity Pack and releated VOPP patches

Correct TCP/IP Version of Fortress for Visual Objects  10/22/2002

Latest Version of VO2ADO Standard

Report Pro 2.1x Designer for Registered Users of 2.x

Graphics4VO Basic Problem installing Graphics Library under VO 2.6. Download the latest version with DLLs for Visual Objects 2.0, 2.5 and 2.6.

Due to a problem during the manufacture of the VO26 CD the wrong version of dBALite was copied to the CD.

The version shipped is a Beta Demo Version of dBAdministrator 3.0 and will expire. As it is a beta it is advisable not to use it with production or critical databases as there is no warranty or guarantees against any damage. It is an unlicenced product and running it after the expiration date would be in violation of the licence. The free Special Edition of dBAdministrator dBALite can be downloaded from http// This version will not expire and is licenced to registered users of Visual Objects 2.6.

In addition to providing dBALite free of charge to VO26 users ALT128 Services is offering upgrades to single user version of dBAdminstrator 3.0 for £50 ( approx $78 ).For a limited period Company and Enterprise Licences have a 20-30% discount. Company Licence £199 ( approx $307 ) and Enterprise Licence ( unlimited use including client machines ) £275 ( approx $425 ). Yes £275 for unlimited usage. This offer lasts until 1st Jan 2003 only. We appologise for this error and regret any inconvience caused.

If you have any question please contact or

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