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Valkyrie Source Code Recovery System: 
A Decompiler for Clipper S87 & CA-Clipper 5

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  • Features

Complete Source Code Recovery

  • Supports CA-Clipper 5.0 through 5.2
  • Includes the original Valkyrie for Nantucket Clipper Summer '87

Interactive Environment

  • Multi-Window interface
  • Tile, Cascade, and Zoom windows
  • Write to Disk command writes the contents of any windows to a text file
  • VALKYRIE.INI file saves all settings between sessions

PCode Window

  • Displays actual compiled Clipper PCode mnemonics
  • Search for Opcode, Search for text, and Search for Symbol commands

Symbol Table Window

  • Displays the entire Clipper Symbol Table
  • Selectively display or color-highlight Procedures, Variables, Externals, and Static Frames

Externals Window

  • Displays names of every non-Clipper (C or ASM) procedure in the EXE file
  • Shows exact physical offset of the procedure in the EXE file

DEBUG Info Aware

  • Uses Debug Info, when available, for Module names, Static and Local Variables, and Code Block Arguments

Intelligent Conflict Resolution

  • Resolve Conflicts command alerts user to potential conflicts in module layout
  • Automatically suggests corrective action to resolve any conflict between Static Procedures, Variables and Frames

On-Screen Preview

  • Preview command displays the actual source code for any procedure before recovering to disk

Smart Module Reorganization

  • Find, Move, Sort, Relocate and Separate commands allow source modules to be rebuilt exactly as desired
  • Tag, Tag All, Tag Dependents, and Tag All Like commands allow exact placement of procedures
  • Include and Exclude commands allow any module or procedure to be excluded from recovery
  • Automatically moves dependents when relocating procedures to avoid creating new Static conflicts in the application

Extensive Formatting Options

  • Case settings (Upper, Lower, Mixed, Factory) for Variables, UDFs, Keywords, Built-ins, Libraries
  • Indentation and line length
  • Punctuation spacing (parens, braces, brackets, commas, bars)
  • Expression spacing (logical, relational, binary math)
  • Expression tokens (equal, not equal, assignment)
  • Optional parens and end-comments for IF, WHILE, CASE, and FOR statements
  • Limits for maximum consecutive ELSEIF and TEXT/ENDTEXT statements

Preprocessor Translations

  • Unravels "PPO" code into readable high-level Clipper
  • User-selectable translations: STD.CH, COMMON.CH, INKEY.CH, and SET.CH

Procedure & Variable Browser

  • Pop-up browser dialog displays for any procedure: Procedure Calls and Called By, Dependents, Externals, Variables, Used and Changed, Built-In Functions, and String Constants

Library Name-Finder

  • Assign from Libraries command assigns module names from predefined lists for easy application reconstruction
  • Users can define custom symbol name libraries
  • Comes with predefined CLIPPER, ERRORSYS, EXTEND, BLINKER, and CT3 Library name lists

Please download Valkyrie utility to determine what your exe is linked with. Valkyrie, will only decompile exe compiled in real mode. Blinker Dual mode is not supported. Click here to download the Valkyrie utility file.

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Suggested Retail Price 395.00 You Save 200.00 !

Downloadable Versions now available, just place your order and indicate you want to download the product, it will be returned to you via eMail .


















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