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You are looking for easy and effective way to create reports from VO programs? If so, you hit the target.

MD Software is proud to present new report generation tool: MDReport.

This is a powerful report generation engine, which allows you to create reports almost of any kind. It is fast, small and fully object oriented. This gives you outstanding possibility in embedding MDReport in your application. You can:

 Work with any type of data sources, and by default you get a DBF and SQL data source class with source code. SQL data source allow access to almost all SQL servers through ODBC. It tested with MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL.

 Explore your data sources with Data Source Explorer. You do not need to use another tool to describe your datasource.

 Construct your expressions with Expression editor. Also you can get your data description 'on a fly' and use it in your reports.

 Export your reports in any format you want. All you need to implement a filter class. By default you get filter to convert reports to PDF without any additional tools!

 Format long text in a rectangle with different types of alignment. You do not need to do it yourself.

 Create your reports directly in VO source code, and then preview of export them as any other report.

 Edit you reports with visual editor and protect them with password.

 Compile reports and ship them in compiled state with embedded configuration.

 Preview, print and set formatting parameters in convenient manner. You even can create multicolumn report only with a changing configuration!

 Manage your reports with MDReport shell - convenience tool to explore MDReport and create, edit and compile reports.


Use MDReport shell to manage your reports and explore MDReport (view zoomed):

MDReport shell screen

Use Visual Editor to edit your reports (view zoomed):

MDReport visual editor

Preview and print your report with default preview screen (view zoomed):

MDReport preview screen

Convert your report in PDF format with filtering mechanism (view zoomed):

Report converted to PDF format


 Formatting long text with force justify and hyphenation.

 Implementing embedded objects, like a charts. You will be able to create any visual component in your report.


MDReport Professional 120.00 USD

MDReport Prof. (full source code) 320.00 USD (will be available soon)