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What VO  Developers  are saying about Visual Objects Platinum Subscription (VOPS)

Mark Ayliffe MA CEng MBCS, Senior Consultant       Jobstream Group PLC 

We got involved with VOPS because VO is fundamental to our product and
clearly after some years of neglect our compiler was going to need
support. We've been using VO now for around 10 years and Clipper before

The responsiveness of the development teams at GraFX is unparalleled as
others have commented. For once we may well have a recent build of VO32
which is stable enough for us to release to our users with confidence.
In the past we've had so often to write code to work around problems in
the VO compiler or runtime and for each of our builds you could flip a
coin over whether the compiler had got it right or not.

In our market the pressures to move to .NET are gentle as yet so we're
not likely to be among the first to use for real. However the
first indications of exposing our codebase to it have been positive.
We'll continue to keep working with it and feeding back to the
developers how it works or doesn't in the "real world" along with the
others doing the same thing.

GraFX have picked up the baton of VO development and are demonstrating
to their predecessors (should they care to look!) how it should be done.
I don't think we've ever had such close cooperation with the developers
of VO and it's certainly making a difference to us after a few short
months. It is worth our investment both of the subscription fees and the
time to evaluate these beta versions already.

If VO is important to your business for the foreseeable future then join
VOPS. At the very least you get possibly the most stable VO compiler to
date, earlier than you would otherwise. At best you can get any specific
problems you have with the compiler/IDE/run time fixed very quickly.
GraFX are doing a good job and they are worthy of your support. Run,
don't walk!

Mark Ayliffe MA CEng MBCS, Senior Consultant       Jobstream Group PLC                            +44 (0)1223 433900

Jamal  Assaf  Limowiz USA

"Actions sometimes speak better than words, and VOPS has proven to be a winner. Since becoming a VOPS member, I've seen VO 2.7 become very, very stable through the work of the dedicated development team who provided several updates and responded positively by providing quick fixes and solutions, sometimes the same day! As you mentioned, the OLE issues have been mostly been resolved (I can't find anything broken), memory management is excellent and the IDE is extremely stable. This translates into our production programs to be very solid. Our customers are happy as we are.

Vulcan.Net is also progressing very rapidly and I was able to interface to some third party .NET components and use the vast .NET framework. Of course, the Vulcan syntax looks very similar to VO and this aspect is being improved by the day to make Vulcan compatible with the VO syntax in many aspects. As I see it, this will open wide new doors to utilizing all the hot stuff out there, like Web Services, XML, data grids, data adapters, Win Forms, Pocket PC and more. There is so much to list.

So, for all non VOPS members, join and reap the benefits if you're serious about your success."

Jamal Assaf (President)

Creative Software - Limowiz



Willie Moore WM Consulting  USA

I think that the VOPS is VERY worthwhile. Robert and Paul are always quick
to respond to my questions. Each build has gotten more and more stabile and
I really like the tighter compiler checks. I will be releasing code based on
the latest build to one beta site later this week. I have been waiting on
some of the OLE fixes from Robert. I appriciate that I can release the new
dlls to my customers (after heavy testing!). is shaping up nicely and I hope to have my socket samples ready
in the not too distant future.

I believe that cost of the subscription has more than been offset by the
benefits already received.
Willie Moore

Erik Visser   Netherlands

I became a VOPS member to support the VO development and to get in touch
with the progress on the .net compiler, to be sure when it is launched, i am
able to work with it.  I do not have serious problems with the VO 2738 and
all my commercial apps are build with this version.  Still it is very good
to see there is development on VO32. I know there are still bugs and other
problems, but people in the VOPS discover that if you have a sample what
reproduces the problem, it is going to be fixed. Lot's of things are fixed
already and new features are added.

On the Vulcan side is amazing how much progress is being made. Right now i
have, being a VOPS subscriber, a .NET compiler on my machine. It does not
have all the features yet to be a VO compiler, but you sure can write
programs with it. I recently started diving into the .NET framework and
everything i have tried, works with the vulcan compiler. Absolutely great
stuff to play with.
Another thing i like of the VOPS program is to be close to the devteam. They
are in the forum almost every day and are very willing to explain even basic
aspects of working with the framework.

Brian and your Devteam, you do a great job!

Erik Visser

Ginny Caughey President  Carolina Software USA

 I am very impressed with what the team (or I should say the teams) have been able to accomplish in short time. Having the dev teams available to answer questions and respond to bug reports and suggestions on the VOPS newsgroups every day has been extremely helpful, and it's nice to know that I'm helping to influence the direction
that VO and Vulcan are taking. I'm surprised that there are serious VO
developers out there who still aren't taking advantage of this level of

Ginny Caughey (President)  Carolina Software USA

















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