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Vulcan.NET/Visual Objects Platinum Subscription VOPS/VPS

In December of 2004, GrafX Software started a program called VOPS. Since that time VOPS membership has continued to grow and now includes most of the major firms developing in Visual Objects 2.8SP4 and Vulcan.NET 4.0. This subscription model has been highly successful. We highly encourage you to explore the option of S+S (Software + Services) option for your development teams needs. (12 year Anniversary !!!!)

VOPS is a subscription based service (renewable annually) ) that provides both "platinum development support" via private news groups, as well as the latest builds of Visual Objects and Vulcan.NET delivered to VOPS members  as the become available from Development. Visual Objects's last version was VO2.8SP4 (Service Pack 4.0), Vulcan.NET releases approximately 2 builds per year (via private FTP) .

VOPS is your best investment to smoothly migrate Visual Objects applications, to .NET using .Vulcan.NET

Now that most VO 3rd party products like VO2ADO, bBrowser, Classmates, ReportPro 2 and 3 are available for Vulcan.NET it's an excellent time to consider getting a VOPS\ VPS subscription. Moving applications from Visual Objects to Vulcan.NET is a very active topic on on our private forums. Note: (Third party products sold separately by their respective manufactures) Not included with VOPS)

The Vulcan .NET/VO Platinum Subscription Program.

What do you get in your subscription?

1. Access to the latest public and private Visual Objects 2.8 build Service Pack 4

(You will have a FUL-29*.* serial number) VO2.8SP4b


Access to the latest public and private Vulcan.NET builds

You will receive a fully licence copy of Vulcan.Net No waiting for new features. New builds are delivered between six months on average. Current Vulcan.NET Build as of Sept 10, 2015 is 4.0x

3. Access to the Private Platinum VO & Vulcan.NET Forum

During our beta cycles, we have seen what can happen in a positive environment. People helping each other and the development team to find, identify, and provide a sample to get things done. The rewards are very win/win.

Our Private support forum will only be accessible by Platinum Subscribers. The Development team will monitor this forum on a daily basis and provide support to the members.

Cost:  See Pricing below per subscriber yearly / annually.

Our intention is the continued success of Visual Objects for both the 2.x line of product as well as Vulcan.NET We know that this proposal is not for everyone. However, we believe that there are a substantial number of independent professional developers, and development firms that use Visual Objects and Vulcan.NET on a daily basis, and they both want and need this kind of closer support relationship with the developers of Visual Objects and Vulcan.NET

To participate in this program, please contact your local re-seller or you can sign up for this program at


Multiple VO or VOPS Platinum Subscription Licensing

Special pricing available for development shops with multiple developers. VOPS is a per user software + service licence (For example each developer at a given firm must have his/her own VOPS licence. (See pricing below)

Firms that require more than 11 licenses should contact GrafX directly for multi-seat licenses.

With in 24 hours of the receipt of your order (from this page), you will receive an email with your personal user name and password to access both the private VOPS FTP site (for downloads of the latest VO and Vulcan.NET Products) and access to our private News group servers, where support is provided directly by our development team. We hope that you will strongly consider VOPS as a solution to your software development needs. VOPS is a Software and Services product.

If you should have any questions regarding VOPS subscriptions, please send an email to

sales at (substitute at with @)

Your Visual Objects Development Team

What Developers are saying about VOPS.


Credit Card Order will not be billed until a email has reached you containing your platinum plan subscriptions codes . These subscription codes will provide access the platinum plan forum  and  download areas for  platinum software.

Credit Card Prices below.  For Bank Wire Orders please email sales at 

Item Price Quantity
Rewnew existing VOPS/VPS accounts for an additonal  year.(VOPS/VPS)
Upgrade to Vulcan.NET 4.0  Upgrade from Visual Objects SP4
 (must submit VO 2.8 SP4 serial number with order. VOSP4 #'s start "FUL-29*")
 Level 2: Vulcan.NET  Platinum Subscription Plan Seats for 3 to 5 users at the same company (Level 2 VPS)   
Level 3: Vulcan.NET  Platinum Plan Seats for 6 to 10 users at the same compay. (Level 3VPS)
(VOPS)   Vulcan.NET and Visual Objects Platinum Plan for Single User 
(Available for VO users who are currently working with VO, 2.0 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 or 2.8.)
(See Upgrade for Visual Objects 2.8 SP4 above)  

For Questions or Orders of more than 10 users at one firm contact directly

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