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What is VO2Btrieve? Logo Vo2Btrieve VO2Btrieve is a Class Library for CA-Visual Objects 2.x that gives VO developers a very fast and direct interface to data stored in Btrieve tables

The Class library consists of a set of classes that talk directly to the Btrieve API

It also has a set of higher level DbServer compatible classes that allows VO developers to use the Btrieve Data in combination with the VO DataWindow and Databrowser classes.

Source code Vo2Btrieve comes in 2 versions:
  • Standard version, without sourcecode
  • Professional version, includes sourcecode
Who should use VO2Btrieve ? VO2Btrieve is invaluable for Visual Objects developers that have to interface to data stored in the very popular Btrieve format.
What is Btrieve Btrieve is a very popular file system used worldwide in a lot of applications, such as accounting systems. It has been in use from the early DOS ages, and is still being used by a lot of larger software development companies, because it is a stable and very fast way to access data in a network environment.
Btrieve is a product of Pervasive Software, Inc.

Btrieve data can be accessed using ODBC, and through the Btrieve API. Vo2Btrieve uses the API, to get the best performance possible.

Btrieve files have no built in information about the structure of the data files. Programmers have searched for various ways to cope with this, and this has resulted in a number of different solutions:

  • Structure of the tables is stored in the program
  • Structure of the tables is stored in an external file
  • Structure of the tables is stored in a Data Dictionary

The last solution is by far the most popular. The so-called DDF format is widely used. Vo2Btrieve supports all three ways of describing the table structure.

Download evaluation To download an evaluation copy of Vo2Btrieve click here

List of the most important VO2Btrieve classes

VO DataServer classes

These classes allow you to use the Jet databases in a similar way as you use the DbServer and SqlSelect classes that come with VO.

  • BtServer (table structure in program) BtDDFServer (table structure in Data Dictionary)
  • BtRQBServer (table structure in RQB file)
Support classes

A number of classes to store information about Btrieve tables:

  • BtDictBtFieldBtIndexBtSegment
  • BtTable

Requirements To use Vo2Btrieve you need to have:
  • A computer with Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0CA-Visual Objects 2.5a or higher
  • In order to distribute applications you develop that use the Btrieve Micro kernel engine, you will need to obtain a license from Pervasive Software (formally Btrieve Technologies). To do so. Contact Pervasive Software to obtain the latest licensing information. 
    They can be reached at:
    Pervasive Software, Inc.
    8834 Capitol of Texas Highway North
    Suite 300
    Austin, TX 78759 USA
    Fax (512) 794-1778

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VO2Btrieve Standard Version $449.00
VO2Btrieve Professional Version (Includes complete Source code) $899.00

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