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GrafX Software is pleased to announce.. Visual Objects 2.8 SP4

Please read this entire page for important information with regard to the 2.8 (SP4) Service Pack Four product and features.

Now Available for Download.

Summary of Changes

  • IDE
  • Compiler
  • Linker
  • Repository/Adam
  • Source Code Control
  • Runtime
  • RDDs
  • Class Libraries

IDE Changes

  • New Source Code Editor
  • Repository Browser
  • Error Browser
  • Ole Automation Code Generator
  • Editor
  • Debugger
  • New Settings dialogs (no more ‘hidden' settings)
  • Screen Shot of New Settings Dialog
  • Converted Help to CHM format
  • Merged several IDE support DLLs
  • Several dialogs are now re sizable
  • List views in IDE are now sortable and show selected column in different color
  • Better handling of multiple monitor systems

New Source Code Editor

  • Completely rewritten
  • Faster
  • New ‘Entity Combo'
  • Current token info
  • Autotype support
  • Brace Matching
  • Improved Parameter info & Quick Info
  • Improved Intellisense
  • Improved Find & ‘Advanced Search' functionality
  • Re indent
  • Improved Case Synchronization
  • Screen Shot

Repo Browser

  • Save/restore column layout
  • Printing of Trees & Lists works now
  • Removed Unneeded refreshes
  • Improved detection of changes in external modules
  • Screen Shot

Error Browser

  • Changed layout
  • Errors can be collapsed
  • Error list can be printed
  • Error list can be saved to disk

Ole Automation Code Generator

  • Code Generator progress
  • Different code generation Model
  • Screen Shot


  • Uses new editor to display code
  • New functionality
  • Fixes for known issues

Tool-Window Editor

  • Configurable Lasso behavior
  • Configurable Click behavior
  • Several fixes
  • Saving Window Positions
  • Generated code is changed for stricter compiler

Tools-DbServer Editor

  • Default RDD is now configurable
  • Several Fixes
  • Generated code is changed for stricter compiler

Tools-Other Editors

  • Fixed several issues
  • Generated code is changed for stricter compiler


  • Fixed several errors
  • Added stricter checks
  • Optimized code generation
  • Added several new warnings/errors
  • TEXT .. ENDTEXT was obsolete, and is not supported anymore
  • Added __VO__ and __VULCAN__ defines
  • Added support for | as _OR operator
  • _OR, _AND and _NOT are now allowed in defines
  • Enabling/Disabling errors in Settings Dialog


  • More helpful messages when ‘Link failed'
  • Fixed several errors


  • Compiler errors were suppressed for imported entities (_DLL )
  • Optimized resource compilation
  • Optimized parsing of external modules
  • Fixed several errors
  • Added new Source Code Scanning API (used in Editor for example)
  • Fixed stability issues

Source Code Control

  • SCC Settings now in external file
  • Added advanced ‘Reconnect' behavior
  • Added optional SCC logging
  • Added compare for modules that are not checked out
  • Added option to see PRG history
  • Added support for SCC API version 1.2 and 1.3


  • Fixed several problems
  • Added extra functions to aid in debugging
  • __GetAxitStack()
  • __SetClassDebug()
  • Optimized Work area management code
  • Nation modules now contain string tables for all literal strings in Runtime DLLs
  • Optimized macro compiler code


  • Fixed problems in DBFNTX, DBFMDX
  • Fixed sorting problems with DBFCDX and accented characters ( such as  'à', 'Þ', 'Š' ) & Windows Collation
  • CAVODBF.RDD now opens FoxPro files with ‘extra header information'

OLE Classes

  • Better handling of ‘exotic' ActiveX and OLE Server applications
  • Better performance
  • Fixed keyboard problems and ActiveX controls
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Better support for infrequently used data types

GUI Classes

  • Accelerator & dynamic keys
  • ComboBoxEx
  • ComboBoxExItem
  • Controls & XP
  • Improved Auto Alignment
  • Help Display
  • CHM
  • Context Help (WM_HELP)
  • Listview sub item Images
  • Split window & SplitView control
  • Status bar Icons
  • Rich Edit
  • Scrollbar
  • Tab Control (delayed instantiation of tabs)
  • Toolbar (Normal, disabled & hot image lists)
  • Tree view
  • Window
  • Several new event handlers & events

RDD Classes

  • The code has been optimized. Classes now perform a LOT faster, because unnecessary work area switching is disabled and because unnecessary error handling is removed
  • Errors in ‘notify' handlers are no longer ‘swallowed' by the RDD classes.
  • Fixed several problems

SQL Classes

  • Optimization (lot of old code was dropped)
  • Better support for newer data types (GUID, Wide Chars etc)

Internet Classes

  • Incorporate changes made by several VO users to support different mail formats
  • Several other changes to SMTP, HTTP etc.

VO Development Team

  • Robert van der Hulst
  • Paul Piko
  • Frans de Wit (macro compiler)
  • Sven Ebert (GUI classes & RDD classes)
  • Several contributions by other VO users/developers


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Upgrades for All versions of Visual Objects Version 2.8 SP4 (Service Pack four) Listed below.

Upgrade to Vulcan.NET 3.0 with updates and support last item !


Item Price Quantity

Upgrade from VO 2.8 to VO 2.8SP4. Requires 2.8 to be installed on the target machine

Upgrade from VO 2.7 to VO 2.8SP4  Requires 2.7 to be installed on the target machine $349.00
Upgrade from VO2.5, 2.0 or 1.Oc   to VO 2.8 SP4  Requires 2.0 or 1.0c to be installed on the target machine $399.00
New Visual Objects 2.8 Pro Full Product (New License)  Does not require a previous version installed on the target machine $495.00

Upgade from Visual Objects 2.8 SP4  to Vulcan.NET 3.0 with one year Support & Updates (Please include your VO2.8 SP4 Serial in the Ship to part of your order after you press the  "Check Out Now" button on this page.


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