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What's new in 2.7  Features List..

  • VO 2.7 now compiled in MS C7.1 (VO 2.5/2.6 Compiled in C5)
  • VO 2.7 C++ code now compiles at highest warnings
  • Superior Speed and Memory Management
  • VO 2.7 SDK and Repo Now in complete Sync.
  • VO 2.7 SDK code compiles on highest warnings
  • IDE updated to be Project Oriented
  • Run Multiple Instances of V.O's IDE.
  • Project Management Dialog. (See Screen shot below)
  • Class/Method Sorting user definable (Screen shot below)
  • Registry moved to .cfg files (Completely Documented)
  • Cut Copy Paste/ GoTo's in Editor
  • Added a "Edit All" button on the Find-Advanced dialog
  • Added 'Inherit From' property for the toolbar in the menu properties
    list and changed the Sourcecode generation to use this
  • Added link button from the source code editor
  • 3rd Party Products include with 2.6 included with 2.7
  • New Third Party products to be announced.
  • New Samples with new source code.

. VO 2.7 Has been completely re-compiled in Microsoft Visual Studio 7.1. Why was this done ?

  1. If Visual Objects was ever to become a .Net product it would have to be up to date and compile with the latest Microsoft compiler. (.Net = Visual Objects 3.0 )
  2. By compiling in C 7.1 may coding errors, where pointed out and fixed.
  3. Faster tighter Visual Object product for VO 2.7.
  4. Better Memory Management

Visual Objects 2.5c/2.6 was compiled in Visual C 5.0. This Microsoft product was release almost 7 years ago, and of course like all things software, Microsoft has done a good job on improving the quality of its compiler. New standard classes in the Microsoft Runtime were now available for managing memory in a standard way.In July of 2002 the GrafX Software Development Team began the monumental task of converting the code from the C5 compiler to the C7 compiler. Tens of thousands of errors were discovered in the Visual Objects C5 code. Over the course of the next 7 months these errors were corrected, and we began to see a more stable VO emerging. Still we faced many problems even though we had the code compiling on with the highest warnings set on. Finally after months of work, VO 2.7 is now in beta. Moving the CAVO 2.6 code to Microsoft Visual Studio 7.1 was a risky move. It would have been much easier to leave the code in C5 and continue to patch the Visual Objects product, just as it had been done in the past. GrafX took a bold step in doing this conversion.  All of the time spent in moving Visual Objects 2.7 from C5 to C7 are not features that you can see or touch, but make VO 2.7 the best version of Visual Objects ever. The decision to make this costly move was based on GrafX's belief that Visual Objects has a strong future as a development product. 2. The Visual Objects Repository CodeAs VO developers know, much of Visual Objects is written in Visual Objects. This was another area, that drastically need attention. All of the code that makes up your Visual Objects 2.7 Repository has been cleaned up, and run thought the Visual Objects compiler at the highest warnings. Many potential bugs we discovered in the course of doing this. As a result of this exercise new tools for development had to be written. The result of these tools, you now will have the code that makes up your system repository delivered to you on the same CD as the product itself. No more, Repo & SDK out of sync.

VO SubSystems.

o Project Oriented.

 (Click here for a larger image.)
This  screen shot of VO 2.7's new Project Dialog that comes up when
you start VO 2.7. Note this is the second instance of VO27 running on this
machine. The first instance of VO27 has a project call GrafX Sales tools
open, so, the second instance of VO2.7 shows the project as locked. It will
of course allow you to open any other project.

o Class/Method Sorting user definable.

Shown here is the new VO 2.7 setup dialog.

 (Click here for a larger image.)
This  screen shot of VO 2.7 Setup dialog. Some new ways of
displaying Classes and Methods in your repository browser have been added


o Run Multiple Instances of V.O.

 (Click here for a larger image.)
This is a screen shot of VO 2.7 showing three instances of VO running on the
same machine at the same time, with project open in each instance. The last
instance is my samples directory, running the To-Do list sample

o Registry moved to .cfg files (Completely Documented)(WIP....Show Config File jpg here).o Cut Copy Paste/ GoTo's in Editor

(WIP Cut Copy Paste jpg here.)

  • 3rd Party Products include with 2.6 included with 2.7   Click here
  • New Third Party products to be announced
  • Help & Manual Limited Version 

A few comments from Beta Testers

I´m very impressed by the progress that was made by 2.7!
Particularly I like:
- the settings in the cfg file instead of the registry (files are very
  easy to copy, so I maintain all settings of my own applications in ini files)
- the renamed DLLs so 2.5 and 2.7 apps can run concurrently
- that more instances of the IDE can be active with different projects
Congratulations to you and to your team!

It's great to be here! Already I am seeing BIG productivity gains just from two
new features: being able to run the 2.7 IDE alongside either 2.6 or 2.5, and the
ability to continue to use DLLs created with earlier versions of VO for work I'm
testing in 2.7. (Although the only one I've tried so far is one from Vo2Ado.)
This allows me for the very first time to test production-sized apps while VO is
still in beta. Great job!

The improvements are substantial. I think that the
changes in the IDE make it look a bit cleaner too.
And I'm also very pleased with the level of feedback I've been getting on the
issues that I've been submitting. It's gratifying to know that they're being
addressed, rather than going into some bottomless pit.
Keep up the good work.

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