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Visual Objects 2.6 

Visual Objects – Software Developers Kit The Software Developers Kit is considered by many to be an absolute “must have”. Containing all of the source code for the classes, it shows how they work and gives you, the developer, a chance to debug right inside of them when something is not going as you would expect. Not only that but, it also shows how the Visual Objects IDE works and, by following the samples provided, it gives you the chance to integrate extensions right inside the package. Many of the Third-Party Products below were written using this information and are clear examples of how valuable this information is.

One major change in this version of the SDK is that the old ‘Project Directory’ is not installed. Instead, each of the libraries are provided as .Aef files in the ..\Cavo26\Source directory. This has been done so that they can be imported wherever you want them and you need only have the ones that you want, plus their dependants of course.

 Third Party Products!  We hope you find a lot of value in the 14 Third-Party Products that are included in this release of Visual Objects 2.6.  Each of these products represents thousand of man-hours, by authors that have a particular expertise in their chosen area of software development. We urge you to explore the possibilities that these add-on products will provide you.  To help you see the value that these products bring, here is a short description of each of them, listed in alphabetical order. Each has its own install within its own directory on your Visual Objects CD ROM.

 bBrowser Standard 1.4  The bBrowser Standard 1.4 (Limited) is a fast and flexible data browser and can be connected with a DBServer, an ArrayServer, which is also provided in the bBrowser library, or any other data server, so long as it supports specific access and method routines. Because the bBrowser is inherited from the VO class CustomControl, it can be integrated into any window class like DataWindow, DataDialog, DialogWindow and so on. The bBrowser can be configured in many diverse ways so as to provide the appearance and behavior that is required.

 Columbo Columbo -- The VO Code & Repository Inspector -- is a tool for analyzing, viewing and printing source code. It's written in VO and can be called from within VO's IDE or as an external program. Beyond that, Columbo can be considered as an extensive example for a lot of programming techniques -- dealing with SplitWindows, ListView and TreeView controls, RichEdit controls, printing using HTML files, with a lot of menu and bitmap techniques and much more, including of course, classes for reading the repository. Source code and documentation is included. Columbo is written by Ivo Wessel. 

COM-SDK COM-SDK---The COMSDK provides an easy implementation of COM clients that need to implement events. Using the COMSDK's 'TS_DelegateIDispatch' class is done in a similar way as using the standard VO 'OLEAutoObject' class. The biggest benefit is in the easy way to implement events. It also includes a good starting point for the integration of Outlook in your applications. Being totally written in native VO code, the COMSDK can also be a great learning tool for all that need/want to know more about COM and its implementation in a programming environment like VO.

 dBALite dBALite--dBALite is still a very powerful and useful tool for creating, viewing, editing and managing DBF files and has all the essential tools required by a professional developer. Support is provided for Clipper, dBase, FoxPro, Advantage and Fortress databases. The usual Import and Export functionality is included with the addition of export to HTML with multi-page output and XML (including XSL,XSD and DTD files). Databases can be created and there structure modified while retaining the data. Data can be edited via the browser or with edit controls like a calendar for dates and a memo editor for memo fields. There is an ArrayEditor for memo fields that support arrays. The usual Index Searching is complemented with a fast text search function that allows searching for data in any or selected fields and also can do searches of records in a scope. Filter setting is done using an Expression Builder that is also used to build expressions for indexes and For or While scopes. There is an Index Manager that can reindex and rebuild index orders. There are many other tools including DBReplace, DBTotals, DBSort and DBCalc which allows you to do calculations using user defined expressions. dBALite is a quality program that you will come to depend on as many users of dBAdministrator already do.

 Fortress Client/Server for Visual Objects Fortress is a High Speed Database Engine: Taking the award winning Comix RDD with its proven performance and reliability and fully integrating the speed and functionality into Fortress Xbase Server has brought many advantages.

·        Smaller Is Faster: Fortress Xbase Server uses FoxPro CDX indexes which provide significant performance advantages: multiple indexes are in a single file-reducing the file server handle load; CDX's are 3 to 6 times smaller than NTXs and make efficient use of memory and disk space.

·        Proprietary Caching Algorithms give you the advantage of single-user caching in a multi-user system. Many operations are performed with zero network requests. That's right-absolutely no network traffic! Much of the overhead associated with indexes and databases is eliminated.

·        Advanced Locking Techniques protect database and index integrity while greatly reducing the number of conflicts and performance hits inherent to multi-user access.

·        Bit Map Query Optimization: Fortress Xbase Server's bit map query optimization provides performance advantages which are simply not possible in Xbase alone-10 to 1000 times faster. Fortress Xbase Server's query optimization gives you the advantages of SQL access (fast and easy selection of a set of records and greatly reduced network traffic) in an easy to use SET FILTER TO Interface.

By setting our standards for performance higher than simply reducing network traffic, Fortress Xbase Server provides the best performance possible. You'll have to try it to believe it!

Graph32/Graph4VO  Graphics4VO is an add-on library providing graphic capabilities for VO GUI classes. Existing programs can be enhanced to produce graphic images with very little extra code. Graphics4VO comes in two versions of different function scope.

 The basic version Graphics4VObas has a wide range of graphic display output options. It includes a rich collection of pixel graphics and graphic primitives to be used in more complex graphic designs. Efficient coordinate transformation routines and the use of the world coordinate system guarantee the integrity of the display output under various resolutions and will spare you the headache of coordinate calculations.

 MAILman MAILman Developer's Edition is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Issue Management system designed to help you keep track of your customers, enhancement ideas, bugs and support issues. Improve the quality of your products and customer service and make the management of your development processes easier with MAILman DevEd.


ReportPro 2.11  ReportPro is a full-featured banded report writer that allows you to create custom reports in virtually any format. With ReportPro, you can retrieve information from a variety of data sources and then sort, filter, and group the information as needed. ReportPro’s data engine natively supports FoxPro® 2.5, CA-Clipper®, and dBase® 5 DBF and index file formats. You can even mix these file formats in the same report. ReportPro 3 ships with a native driver for the Jasmine® database and the data engine can access hundreds of SQL databases via ODBC. The data engine can handle arbitrarily complex table relationships including parent, child, grandchild, and great-grandchild relationships. You can even define circular relationships; a table can be related back into itself. Tables and relationships are managed graphically making complex queries easy to understand. After you have specified and configured your data source, the process of creating a report is the same regardless of which data source(s) is used. ReportPro’s design interface is event driven and user centric making it easy to customize the report until the output looks just the way you like. Reports are created by drawing objects in the report design window. ReportPro supports line, rectangle, ellipse, text, field, image, graph, and embedded section objects. Report objects can be customized with borders, shading, colors, fonts, and shadows to create professional looking reports. Because ReportPro is a banded report writer, it provides incredible flexibility for formatting and grouping information. ReportPro provides a series of bands that allow you to control where and when information gets printed on your report ReportPro also supports sections. Sections are essentially sub-reports that print within the context of the main report. Each section contains its own set of bands and report objects. ReportPro supports three (3) different report types: standard listing reports, columnar/label reports and cross-tab reports. Each report has a dedicated wizard that allows you to easily specify the information necessary to create a report.

TAGIT <TagIT> is the premiere HTML library for CA-Visual Objects. <TagIT> allows your CA-Visual Objects applications to dynamically generate HTML output that will astound your users and complement your application.

 <TagIT> is written entirely in CA-Visual Objects and allows the developer to leverage the existing Internet Classes to create client-side applications using simple and intuitive code. These classes provide the missing component in the Computer Associates Internet Classes. With <TagIT> the immense object oriented application development and database management power of CA-Visual Objects is available to web application developers. <TagIT> allows the creation of robust and fully customizable web based applications.

 Partial Feature List

·         Support for traditional CGI Applications compatible with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), WebSite Server from O'Reilly and Associates and many others

·         Full HTML tag generation including headings, bars, intuitive anchor centering and other formatting tags.

·         Creation and Retrieval of HTTP Cookies

·         Creation of Dynamic Tables with full control over content and formatting

·         HTML Form creation and processing

·         Written entirely in CA-Visual Objects


VO Productivity Pack The VO Productivity Pack, VOPP, is a vast collection of tools, utilities,and extensions to the Visual Object Integrated Development Environment that make software development faster, easier and safer. VOPP includes System Builder, AutoExport, AutoType, Export Explorer, Global Search and Replace, Tip of the Day, Import and Export Assistants, and much, much more.

The standard version of VOPP included with VO2.6 gives you these great features

Export Explorer (View contents of AEF/MEF without loading them into VO;

AEF/MEF contents can be exported as PRG, HTML, RTF, MEF; Window entities in

AEF/MEF can be displayed in "test mode"). VO Source Editor Extensions.

Export Assistant. Customizable DBF Utility. Application Usage Report.

Updated Entity List. Reset App Debug Status. Export File to PRG.

Customization for numerous VO and VOPP settings. VOPP Tip of the Day (over

150 tips on using VO and add-on products).

VO2ADO  VO2Ado is a Class Library that allows VO developers to access Client/Server databases through the ADO/OleDb interface layer. It consists of a set of wrapper classes that map the ADO object model and a set of DataServer subclasses that allows you to use ADO result sets in combination with DataWindows, DataBrowsers etc. It also has an ADO Connection and Server Editor for the VO IDE that generates the source code and binary entities, so you can use ADO Servers inside the VO Window Editor.


VOCOM 2.6  VOCOM2.6 is written by Rod da Silva of Software Perspectives and provides a professional object-oriented interface to COM/ActiveX technologies from within your VO applications.  It includes an integrated IDE wizard that makes creating full-blown COM/ActiveX server components automatic.  The product comes with samples, tutorials and documentation to help you get up and running quickly with COM/ActiveX in the VO environment.  VOCOM 2.6 is a VO 2.6 compiled version of the standard VOCOM 2.0 product (with all current patches) that was originally released in September of 1997 and that has been used by 100s of VO developers worldwide ever since.  For information about VOCOM+, the professional version of VOCOM that includes COM+ support, Type Library creation support, 100% VO source code to the product, and an unlimited, royalty free site license, please contact Rod da Silva  


VOScript allows scripting capabilities to be easily added to any CA-Visual Objects 2.x application. Scripting can offer the ultimate in data driven applications and user defined actions for an application. An unlimited number of user defined commands (UDC) are supported through a preprocessor code block which means a custom scripting language can be created for an application. Scripts can be stored in files with your desired file extensions or stored in memo fields. VOScript is written in 100% VO and comes with complete source code to both the VOScript library and the demo application.

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Order only if you have a 2.6 compatible AEF that you are not interested in moving to the latest version of Visual Objects .A newer version of VO may require small code changes.

Item Price Quantity
Visual Objects 2.6 Pro Upgrade from VO 2.5  Requires 2.5 be installed on the target machine  $249.00
Visual Objects 2.6 Pro Upgrade from VO, 2.0 or 1.0c   $299..00
Visual Objects 2.6 Pro Full Product (New License)    Does not require a previous version installed on the target machine $449.00

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