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  • Native Jasmine connectivity,Internet Classes - Email, FTP, POP, SMTP, Socket etc.Internet Server API – HTTP and ISAPI ClassesOLE Server Classes – ActiveX, ASP Server, AutoserverConsole Class – NTserver console New DataListview classExtended graphic file support  open/manipulate most of the major graphic file formats.Version Control (to Microsoft Common Source Code specs)Internet Explorer 4. Common controlsDLL Debugging Repository indexing from within the repository Other very nice features that have been added include the Application Gallery which conveniently offers a Tabbed Window selection of Standard, Basic, OLE server, Internet and Sample app templates. The number of sample apps has been increased and the simplicity of the Gallery literally encourages you to try and experiment with these samples (and templates). I also understand that the plan is to increase the number of papers (i.e. available through the "How to " section in on-line help) on how to use some of the more esoteric samples.There is also a new optional Splash Screen feature and another useful option ) that allows you to force the user to see the contents of any readme file. The Application Gallery is completely configurable via Appgal.inf and essentially reduces the creation of a whole range of different types of apps and samples to a couple of mouse clicks.The Source Editor has a what looks to be a very useful feature  that drops down a box of methods that are available for the class that you have just typed in (i.e. Self: gives a list of me:methods() which, when selected in turn gives you a list of the typed parameters that your selection expects. Importantly, this drop-box doesn’t interfere with typing and simply ‘refines’ its list to match the characters typed so far. At any time during typing hitting return selects the current highlighted item .The DataListview is a welcome new control. This works like a Listview control on the toolbox of the WED but has the difference in that there is a property to hook it up to a DBServer and get an immediate columnar display by field. A number of improvements had been made to the compiler and linking that result in more efficient code.
  • The standard edition is being dropped. The new pricing structure will be as follows
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VOART25.gif (10577 bytes)Save 50.00 on upgrade from VO2.0 Professional CA's Suggested Retail Price 299.00  GrafX Price 249.00usd
Save 84.00 on Upgrade from VO2.0 Standard CA's Suggested Retail Price of $379  GrafX Price 295.00usd
Save 50.00 on Full product for VO2.5 professional $499 CA's Suggested Retail Price 499.00 GrafX Price 449.00usd
VO SDK for 2.5 Available NOW !
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Order only if you have a 2.5 compatible AEF that you are not interested in moving to the latest version of Visual Objects. A newer version of VO may require small code changes.

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Visual Objects Pro Upgrade from VO 2.0 Pro or 1.0c $239.00
Visual Objects 2.5 Pro upgrade from 2.0 Standard or VO Lite 1.0 $269..00
Visual Objects 2.5 Pro Full Product (New License) $395.00
Visual Objects 2.5 SDK $219.00

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