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Shrinker® 3.5


"Invisibly shrink" your 16 & 32 bit Windows programs by up to 60%!

  • Improve network performance, cut your distribution and storage costs in half and protect your valuable software from decompilers with this unique new technology from Blinkinc. Shrinker 3.0 is the only product in the world to create directly executable compressed 16 and 32 bit Windows programs.
  • Unlike conventional archiving and compression software, any 16 or 32-bit Windows .EXE, DLL or OCX compressed with Shrinker will transparently decompress itself into memory at runtime, with no separate decompression step required.
  • New features introduced in Shrinker 3.0 include compression of 32 bit Windows programs, resources and ActiveX controls; an enhanced Windows user interface and the ability to compress and decompress programs 2-3 times faster than Shrinker 2.1.
  • Programs compressed with Shrinker often load faster as a result of their reduced size, there is no degradation of runtime performance and the compressed programs are completely self-contained, needing no additional runtime files.
  • By reducing the amount of data actually transmitted and decompressing the program on the local workstation at runtime, Shrinker also minimizes Local and Wide Area Network traffic to optimize network performance.
  • Shrinker's selective compression of programs and components minimizes "software bloat" without the risk of data loss associated with traditional disk compression tools which compress all the data stored on the disk.
  • As an added bonus, Shrinker's compression even encrypts computer software to act as an effective protection against decompilers.
  • Compatible with programs created by virtually any Windows or real mode DOS compiler, including Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, CA-VO, CA-Clipper and much more, Shrinker compresses your programs by up to 60% and there are no runtime royalties to pay.
  • You don't even need to be a programmer to benefit from this unique, safe and simple idea. If you share programs on networks, need more disk space or distribute programs electronically, you need Shrinker today!

     Shrinker works with all of our compilers and all operating systems!!
    Darius Grala, Tracer Research Inc.

    The size compression benefits [of Shrinker] are obvious, but I really like the idea of de-compiling protection. Most of my clients are around the country and use networks, so I send the files by modem and the smaller size is a big time saver!
    Don Rambow, Rambow Enterprises Inc.

    [Shrinker] works as advertised. Your support person on Compuserve did an excellent job.
    Michael Hesse, Helix Information Services Inc.

    It works! I have saved several megs [with Shrinker] and haven’t finished yet.
    Jim Gunkel, Southwest Systems Consultants Inc.

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