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SBObridge 1.0 Development Library

QuickBooks Integration

Are you a CA-Visual Objects programmer looking for an easy way to develop applications that integrate directly with the popular accounting software, QuickBooks? If so, your search is over. Scribble Software would like to introduce you to SBObridge, the object class library that includes all the tools necessary to easily write code that exchanges data with QuickBooks 2002 Pro, Premier, and Accountant Edition using the new XML standards.

With the release of QuickBooks 2002, Intuit introduced the new qbXML standards that allow 3rd party applications to directly exchange data with QuickBooks. This is not an import/export process, but a direct integration. SBObridge provides a series of class objects that expose the COM objects along with the data objects in order to greatly reduce the effort needed to write functioning applications.

SBObridge provides the following advantages:

  • Early binding COM interface conversion - The QuickBooks SDK version 1.0 does not support the IDispatch COM interface, which is the only COM interface that CA-Visual Objects supports out of the box. SBObridge along with VOCOM creates a custom early binding COM interface that eliminates this issue.

    Exposes all methods of the QuickBooks SDK - SBObridge exposes all the methods and properties provided by the QuickBooks SDK as well as introduces many additional methods and properties that expand on the COM communication process.

    Includes its own native XML parser - SBObridge provides a XML document response class that easily parses the XML documents returned from QuickBooks. Other commercial parsers such as MSXML 4.0 are not needed. The small footprint and speedy performance of the native parser provides an attractive alternative.

    Includes a XML Document request class - The XMLDocumentRq class within SBObridge provides an easy means of building XML request documents that get sent to the QuickBooks request processor. A complete XML request can be constructed with just a few lines of code.

    Includes a XML Document response class - The XMLDocumentRs class within SBObridge provides an easy means to parse and extract data from the QuickBooks response document. Easily extract data from the XML response document with minimal coding.

  • Includes source code - Feel free to modify and expand the functionality of SBObridge.

SBObridge 1.0

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