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Here's what my former publisher said about Quik TBrowse Pro:

You'd Have To Quit Programming Not To Need This
Yep, Don Allred of CodeSmith fame, has done it again. This time he's married the best of his monster seller Quik TBrowse with the ease and simplicity of CodeSmith to give you...(tah dah...drum roll please) Quik TBrowse Pro!

You Can Build Complete Applications In About Five Minutes Flat!

I'm not kidding! I actually built a Parent-Child-Grandchild system with 3 TBrowse screens, complete data entry in each screen and a report in under 5 minutes! This is easier than watching TV. You get it all. I don't care if you've been using CA-Clipper for 20 years (what version did you start with?) or just started today. If my cat had fingers, HE could build an app with Quik TBrowse Pro. Seriously. You simply paint the browse screens using the amazingly easy WYSIWYG screen painter, hit a hot key and define the relationships between each file, and, and, and ... that's it.Generate your code, compile and link. You're done. Want a ready-to-run report? Tell the generator. One will be cranked out with the rest of your code.

But What If You Have More Complex Apps In Mind?
No Sweat. QTP lets you define picture clauses, field validations, whens and search fields. There's read-only/no-edit switches, color control, footers, column separators and more. You can even paint add/edit/view data screens and pop your user into full screen edit mode quick as a wink! Don't want to bother painting the screens? Press P to (P)aint and let QTP do 'em automatically! How's that for lazy?

Have It Your Way, My Way Or Any Way

You can generate complete applications, code snippets and even validation browses. Yes, you will be the TBrowse wizard you always wanted to be in under 5 minutes. I guarantee it! The only way this could be easier is to have someone else do it for you.

Need A Complete Label Generator For Your App?
Good News! Don left a hook into his fabulous product LabelSmith so you can easily add his Avery® compatible label printing capabilities in a flash. Nothing has been left out here (except, for LabelSmith which is not included!).

You Can Actually Build Complete Applications In 5 Minutes
This in not some advertising hype and I'm not talking programmer's minutes here. You really can build a complete application in 5 normal people minutes. Try it for yourself. You'll see. ALL required code is generated. There are no libraries or mysterious "C" object files to link in. Simply paint, compile, generate and link. Then go collect your check. Your users will flip out when they see how easy the programs that you develop are to use


Item Price Quantity
Quick TBrowse with Clipper Source Code included     $249.00
LableSmith with Clipper Source included 199.00

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