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Make your 16 & 32-bit programs NetWare-aware the easy way!

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  • Build comprehensive NetWare support into your 32-bit Windows 95 and 16-bit Windows and DOS programs with the only network library for Visual Basic, Delphi, C/C++, CA-Clipper and CA-VO.
  • Manage the network printers, use the Novell security system and control network resources from within your program with NOVLIB, which features over 450 functions for printing, security, mapping, messaging, IPX/SPX handling, accounting and more.
  • For example, identify who has a particular file open or record locked, find out who last modified a file and when, list all available network resources, log users on and off the network, send and receive messages between workstations, add, delete, list and map directories, purge erased files, close the bindery before making a backup and more, all from within your program.
  • Manage the network printers with functions which start, end, cancel, defer, redirect or allocate priorities to print jobs.
  • Build comprehensive security into your programs by limiting user access to network drives and directories and modify, set and verify user passwords.
  • Distributed as both a .DLL and a .LIB, this award-winning product includes a 500 page manual and a Windows .HLP file for complete on-line help.

  • "NOVLIB is an excellent tool for creating truly network-aware applications. The functionality provided by this product is desperately needed as the number of LAN-based application developers rises".
    Glen Winn, LAN Times Magazine

    "After putting NOVLIB through a stress test in a real world application and having it help us out of a jam regarding clearing network connections, I can recommend the product without reservation. It does what it claims and does it well. The price is reasonable and so is the learning curve".
    Craig Yellick, The Aquarium

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     If you program for Novell networks, you need NOVLIB!

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    redtri.gif (105 bytes) NOVLIB 3.1 is a FREE upgrade for registered users of NOVLIB 3.0.
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