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American Cybernetics is proud to announce the availability of Multi-Edit version 9.1 for Windows 95 and NT! Multi-Edit v9.1 is the all new 32-bit port of our famous source code editor.

Here are some of the features available in this release:



Enhanced HTML support
  • Full HTML 4 support, including all HTML 4 tags and attributes. New HTML 4 online reference guide(now in HTML Help format). Enhanced tag editing, includes tabbed attribute dialogs. Miva tags ColdFusion tags Integration with CSE HTML Validator for HTML Code Validation. Improved tag highlighting.
  • Improved embedded language handling. Supports more languages and embedding methods, including ASP, PHP, Miva and COLDFUSION scripting. Other embedded scripting languages: SQL, TCL, REBOL, PYTHON, VHDL. Improved support for PERLScript, JavaScript and VBScript.

Hyperlink Support
  • Automatically parse URLS like, or ftp://, or mailto:, or file:, and identify it as a hyperlink by underlining it. Launch URL from within the file. Handles exec: to launch a program, and macro: to run a Multi-Edit macro.
  • Supports the following identifiers: ftp, http, gopher, mailto, news, nntp, telnet, wais, file, prospero, exec, macro.
Added Tool Integrations
  • MS Visual Studion Integration: syncs automatically to the Visual Studio editor. Contains Visual Studio browser and tagging support. Allaire's Cold Fusion Studio and Homesite Integration
  • Added Version Control System support
    • Support for CVS Support for TLIB dll's
    • Auto adds subdirectories to associations
User Interface Improvements
  • History auto-completion of text fields in dialog boxes. New file open/save prompt.
    • Complete "my computer" tree File management features Drag-and-drop Configurable Save and Restore of position
    • Drive Bar
    Search improvements
    • Tree list of all Searches/results in one combined window Able to save Search history
    • Regular Expression drop-down list for insertion in Search field
    Tabbed vertical window-similar to results window
  • Improved Customize dialog - now uses tree format
Improvements to Multi-Tags
  • Tags displayed in Tree View.
    • "Show Files" option displays the files containing the tags. Double-clicking on a file loads the file.
    • "Hide Files" option displays only the tags. Double-clicking on a tag loads the file/tag selected.
  • Scan tags using wildcards.
Power Editing Improvements
  • Hex mode shows byte/word offsets Improved file compare with file merging Auto-indenting of pasted text Collapse on tags Multiple clipboards - docked , or floating buffer dialogs Operator alignment
    • Align all operators on multiple lines with a single keystroke
    • No more tabbing to line up equals "=" signs
  • New meta commands
    • Generate Project List
    • Run Macro and substitute output
Added Language Support
  • Full support for: SQL, TCL, REBOL, COLDFUSION, PYTHON, VHDL, Clarion, Progress, MapBASIC, AutoLisp, HTMLScript, Xbase++.
  • Improved PERL support
More Features
  • Redesigned Project manager supports tree views & virtual folders NetCompile will execute compiles on any remote system that supports a telnet interface. Map network drives with either SAMBA or NFS, or access them via FTP to create a complete remote editing environment. Printing Improvements
    • Color "Syntax" Printing
    • FinePrint 2000 print driver
    Improved Integral FTP support Desktop integration adds Multi-Edit to context sensitive menus Improved macro compiler
    • Supports long filenames
    • Supports DLL imports up to 128 characters in length
  • COM Client/server support for advanced integration of Multi-Edit to other products

Full 32-bit performance

  • The complete feature set of Multi-Edit v8..00 Single Window Mode ( Brief style windowing) Project manager Integral FTP support WebLair - 32-bit HTML/website management environment Ability to use multi-keystroke assignments (example, Ctrl-K + J) Language specific key assignments Tabular window selectors and dialog boxes Support for SCC VCS integration Automatic window sorting Maximum line length has been increased to 16K characters Maximum number of files open is now 255
  • Filename extension specific tab expand mode

blueball.gif (903 bytes)To Order On Line ( Product will be shipped Via Federal Express )

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Please Note: Multi-Edit version 9.0, requires Windows 95, NT 3.51, NT 4.0 or a later 32-bit Windows operating system.

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