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CA-Visual Objects Effective Programming

Ivo Wessel, Gunnar Bless

848 pages
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ISBN 3-446-21088-1

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Since the first version 1.0, CA-Visual Objects has grown to a very efficient tool, extending far beyond the standard Xbase or SQL data base applications. This book describes how to develop programs, which can stand up in a world of modern Office applications and which use the options of e-mail and internet. An emphasis is the use of efficient API interfaces for Windows, COM and XML. Own subsystems for documentation, design patterns and VO's own version control also permits the development of extensive projects.


About the source code:
This book considers the current version, CA-Visual Objects 2.6. The source code is usually also applicable for VO 2.5. All examples are available via a Web application on, which is programmed with VO and exists also as source code.

From the content:
- Installation, configuration & tools
- Windows & controls
- Printing with ReportPro
- Columbo
- Custom controls
- E-mails & internet
- Web applications
- API-, COM and Enterprise programming
- XML and Web services
- Design patterns
- Version control


Ivo Wessel already wrote two books on VO 1.0 and VO 2.0 and one on GUI Design. He works as consultant for many enterprises and organizes VO training courses since 1993. Currently he is writing a book on Visual C#.
Gunnar Bless works as advisor and coach for object technology. Beside CA-Visual-Objects he also works with C++ and Java and is a regular speaker on conferences inland and abroad.

848 pages
ISBN 3-446-22205-7

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"CA Visual Objects, Effective Programming" Book by Ivo,Wessel & Gunard Bless.

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