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Funcky  6.0   Now in Stockfuncky.gif (3614 bytes) !

FUNCky 6.0 Release  Version  is now available

FUNCky now works in the following Environments,

  • CA-Visual Objects

  • CA-Clipper

  • Delphi

  • C++ Builder

  • Visual Dbase

  • Visual Basic

  • Xbase ++

  • Also works with ASP & MS office

FUNCky Now Includes a Native Xbase++ Wrappers,
C++ Builder Wrappers and support for UltimADE

C++ Builder

C++ Builder users can now enjoy using FUNCky right off the C++ Builder Component Palette. Just install the FUNCky for C++ Builder Package and all of FUNCky's Components are available through drag and drop just like native Components. Download the C++ Builder version by choosing C++ Builder from the right panel and then pick Join Beta Program to start the download process.


Xbase++ Classes are now available that bring the entire collection of FUNCky 6.0 Components to Xbase++. Choose Xbase++ off the right panel and click on Join Beta Program to start downloading FUNCky for Xbase++.


Support for UltimADE is now included as well. If you use UltimADE, you will be surprised at how well FUNCky 6.0 Integrates with UltimADE, we were! Download the UltimADE version by choosing UltimADE from the right panel and then pick Join Beta Program to start the download process.


All Funcky Versions now in stock for Federal Express Delivery worldwide !

Item Price Quantity
FUNCky  Version  6.0 New User $249.00
Upgrade Version (Requires your funcky serial number) Add this number to your online order in one of the SHIP TO: to fields or email to $129.00
FUNCky for Clipper Version 2.5 $149.00
FUNCky for Clipper Upgrade $79.00

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