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Product Summary

You've seen how cool it is when spreedsheets convert data into graphs and charts. Just follow a few steps, and Boom! Data becomes a colorful picture worth a thousand words. Imagine if you could make visuals an integrated part of your application? Well. you can with Flipper Graph Control. In fact, you'll be able to do a few tricks most spreedsheets don't do. Flipper Graph Control is an OCX that allows the developer to add graphing capabilities to a program.

Key Features

  • Many Chart Types
    Any combination of lines, points, curved lines, bars, stacked bars, hi-lo in 2D, 2.5D, or true 3D. Also, Bubble, Spider, Pie charts and XYZ surface charts. Also, you can place an unlimited number of Graph Controls on the window or put a bunch of graphs on a single control. Produces Gif Images of your graph for web pages You can save your graphs as high resolution Gif or Bmp image files, this is not a screen capture. These images can be attached to web pages. Scales fit your needs
    Scales are automatically calculated from the data. Any scale can be manually adjusted. Scales can be numeric, date, or character, and numeric scales can be set to log or linear. Flexibility
    As an ActiveX it can be used in a number of development environments incuding Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual Objects, Visual FoxPro, C++, and even Access. Any platform that has 32-bit OCX support can use the Flipper Graph Control. Power
    The Flipper Graph Control gives you an amazing amount of control over all aspects of the graph. There are over eighty properties to manipulate the graph as well as many types of graphs to choose from. Not to mention all of Flipper's graphs are auto-scaled so no your time isn't wasted trying to calculate the axes. Use Mouse to Find and Move Objects
    Use the mouse the find objects, such as scales, titles, border lines, etc, or data, suvh as lines, point, bars, areas, etc. When an object is found an event is called which allows you to modify the object or the data values. The mouse can be used to zoom into the data or move a data point.
  • Easy to Use
    Data entry is simple:
    • Enter the data into the Flipper buffer - String, Date, Numeric. Set how you want each column displayed - (Line, Bar, StackedBar, Point, Area, etc). Assign each column to an axis - X axis, Left Y Axis, Right Y Axis.
    • Set the type of Graph. The most simple and common graph type is an XY graph. These can be 2-D, 3D, and true 3-D. They can have any number of lines, bars, areas, and points in any combination on the graph. In addition, two Y axes, log scales, and tons of other manipulations can be applied to the graph. The other types of graphs are 2-D and 3-D pies, spider charts, 3-D surface charts, and hi-low-close graphs.

    Plus, there is on-line help and an on-line tutorial to get you going fast! What users have to say"Flipper is a great product! With less than two days of learning, I was able to add several charts (With multiple lines and columns on each) and a pie chart to the bottom of a text Business Status Report. The CFO got more than he desired quicker than he had expected."
    Fred Lauckner
    Paragon Engineering

    "I want to thank you again for responding so quickly to my problems. Flipper is an excellent tool that I will continue to recommend on the forum's I am a part of."
    Thanks again for your excellent support!
    James D. Moore

    "Surpasses every other graph control in ease of use, flexibility, and power."
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