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CodeSmith The Code Generator, Screen And Menu Painter for Clipper

Need A Quick Fix?
Develop screens, browses, menus or complete applications in a New Your minute with this quick and efficient screen/menu generator that will save you hours of work, increase productivity and reduce debugging time. If all it did was handle your screen and menu chores it would be worth the low price. But there's more to CodeSmith then meets the eye.

No Templates To Learn
Create complete database applications with Add/EditDelete/Browse options, columnar reports and even mailing labels. Manage any flat file .DBF application using intelligent defaults.

Paint & Generate
The WYSIWYG screen painter lets you add, delete, edit, move, size and undo fields, text, lines and boxes in a flash. Custom code insertion points let you build the app the way YOU want it. Easily reorder GETS and maintain complete color control for @ SAY, @ GET, text, lines and boxes. Full PICTURE, WHEN's and VALID's are supported as well. It even creates aan RMake file automatically! Need 25/43/50 line screen support? It's there. COMPLETE source code is generated. No internal or 3rd party libraries are required.

Wait Until You See...
...full screen add/edit/view modules (TBrowse included), user definable function keys that support text and action blocks, auto repeat data fields, help screens, multi-page data entry screens and the QBE complex filter builder. Built-in HP Laser support drives the reports and produces crisp and clean mailing labels at the touch of a key. Of course, all code is network ready.! Get CodeSmith today for the next app that comes across your desk.


Item Price Quantity
CodeSmith with Clipper Source Code included     $249.00
LableSmith with Clipper Source included 199.00

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