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What is ClassMate?

ClassMate™ is a comprehensive 32-bit class library for CA-Visual Objects™ that replaces the class libraries currently shipping with CA-Visual Objects 2.0™. This strong-typed, early bound class library includes the following modules:ClassMate GUI - 32-bit GUI classes for Windows 95 & Windows NT 4.0ClassMate SQL - ODBC/SQL interface classesClassMate RDD - A wrapper class for CA-Visual Object’s RDD systemClassMate OLE Automation - Classes to automate OLE servers

ClassMate Simple MAPI - Classes for sending and receiving email

Key Features of ClassMate

  • Early-bound, strong typedSmall footprintImproved stabilityMore robust than the existing CA-Visual Objects classesMore accurately represents the underlying WIN32, COM and ODBC API’sOLE integrated into the lowest levelCOM interfaces directly supportedEasier to create custom controls
  • More programming errors found during compilation due to strong-typed interfaces

Details, Details, More Details…

  • All class methods (except INITs and AXITs) are early bound. This feature provides substantial speed improvement both in method execution and by negating the requirement for runtime type checking.
  • Since ClassMate classes use the compiler to determine method parameter mismatches, it does not require runtime error messages. This feature almost completely eliminates the need for international language DLLs.
  • The ClassMate GUI classes have been written from the ground up specifically for 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems. Since the ClassMate GUI is built for Windows, it contains much-less code and thus a greater degree of stability.Because ClassMate naturally wraps WIN32, the developer has greater flexibility in user interface implementation. For example, ClassMate supports toolbars without menus and toolbars and status bars on dialog windows.The ClassMate GUI has been developed with OLE technology integrated directly into the class library at the lowest level. Many aspects of OLE technology are simply extensions of GUI components and ClassMate integrates these "interfaces" directly into the GUI. This approach allows built-in support of OLE-aware controls like cOLERichEdit.ClassMate provides interfaces for OLE Drag and Drop support.ClassMate is being used in several production applications and is also being used as a foundation of our flagship product, ReportPro. This means that ClassMate has been and continues to be debugged with real-world applications so it is extremely stable.The ClassMate SQL classes are extremely stable.The ClassMate cSQLStatement class supports both In and Out parameters.The ClassMate GUI provides object wrappers for nearly all controls available in WIN32. It can also be easily extended to create custom controls and accommodate changes and additions to the Windows API.ClassMate uses the same manifest constants used in the WIN32 SDK. This feature simplifies documentation and reduces the amount of code that must be maintained.Built-in simple MAPI classes make electronic mailing easily accessible.ClassMate includes an enhanced printer class that partners with a WYSIWYG preview control to provide Windows printing and preview services
  • Classes and Interfaces Currently Implemented in ClassMate
  • cBitmapControl
  • cCheckBox
  • cComboBox
  • cComboBoxEx
  • cCoolbar
  • cCustomControl
  • cDragDropListBox
  • cEdit
  • cFrame
  • cGrid
  • cGroupBox
  • cHorizontalSplitBar
  • cHotKeyEdit
  • cIconControl
  • cListBox
  • cListView
  • cMaskedEdit
  • cMultiLineEdit
  • cOleRichEdit
  • cPictureControl
  • cProgressBar
  • cPushButton
  • cRadioButton
  • cRichEdit
  • cScrollBar (includes horizontal, vertical and window scrollbars)
  • cSingleLineEdit
  • cSlider
  • cSpeedButton
  • cSpinner (includes both horizontal and vertical)
  • cStatusBar
  • cTabControl
  • cTextControl
  • cToolbar
  • cToolTip
  • cTreeview
  • cVerticalSplitBar


  • cAccelerator
  • cBitmap
  • cBrush
  • cColor
  • cDibmp
  • cFont
  • cIcon
  • cImageList
  • cPen
  • cPointer
  • cResourceID


  • cMenu
  • cPopupMenu
  • cTrackingMenu


  • cPreviewControl
  • cPrinter
  • cPrintGoPageDialog
  • cPrintMsgDialog
  • cPrintPreviewDialog
  • cPrintPreviewMDIChild


  • cApp
  • cBoundingBox
  • cDimension
  • cINIFile
  • cPoint
  • cRange
  • cRegistry
  • cSelection


  • cDialog
  • cMDIChild
  • cMDIShell
  • cModalDialog
  • cSDI
  • cWindow

Windows common Dialogs

  • cColorDialog
  • cFindDialog
  • cFontDialog
  • cOpenFileDialog
  • cPageSetupDialog
  • cPrintDialog
  • cReplaceDialog
  • cSaveFileDialog

OLE Classes

  • cOleAutoObject

OLE common Dialogs

  • cOleUIInsertObjectDialog

COM Interfaces

  • cIAdviseSink
  • cIBindCTX
  • cIDataObject
  • cIDispatch
  • cIDropSource
  • cIDropTarget
  • cIEnumFormatEtc
  • cIMoniker
  • cIOleCache
  • cIOleClientSite
  • cIOleInPlaceActiveObject
  • cIOleInPlaceFrame
  • cIOleInPlaceObject
  • cIOleInPlaceSite
  • cIOleInPlaceUIWindow
  • cIOleObject
  • cIOleWindow
  • cIPersistStorage
  • cIPersistStream
  • cIStorage
  • cIStream
  • cIUnknown
  • cIViewObject

Misc OLE Interfaces

  • OLE clipboard

Simple MAPI

  • cSimpleMAPI
  • cSimpleMAPIFileAttachment
  • cSimpleMAPIMsg
  • cSimpleMAPIRecipient

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