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Blinker® 7.0

Save time, memory and disk space!


  • Blinker is the fastest available 16 and 32-bit Windows linker, combined with a royalty-free DOS extender, an integrated super "SPAWN" package, a dynamic overlay linker to overcome the 640Kb conventional memory limit and much more.
  • Compatible with C/C++, ASM, Microsoft FORTRAN and CA-Clipper, this award-winning product is also unique in creating directly executable Windows, DOS and DOS extended programs compressed by up to 60%.
  • Share code and data between Windows and DOS, easily update or replace parts of your program and simplify the migration of code to Windows with the new Windows and DOS extended DLL feature.
  • Create DOS programs which directly access up to 16Mb of physical memory and 64Mb of virtual memory with the royalty-free DOS extender. Fully compatible with the DPMI, VCPI and XMS programming standards, the Blinker DOS extender features a comprehensive API and the unique "dual mode" feature which automatically runs the same .EXE in either real or protected mode.
  • Or use the super "SPAWN" command to run large DOS or DOS extended programs, such as a report generator or a word processor, from inside your main program with less than a 10Kb memory overhead.
  • Blinker also enables you to encrypt serial numbers into your programs and create fully functional demonstration versions.
  • With over 500 pages of technical documentation and complete on-line help in a Windows .HLP file, it is no wonder that over 75,000 professional programmers worldwide use this award-winning product!

    "I have been using Blinker for more than three years now and have never had to call your tech support people. They must be housed in the same building as the Maytag repairman. Blinker is a very stable product and simply does what it is advertised to do. It’s nice to see some truth in advertising for a change. Thanks, Blinker!"
    James F. Taylor, Data Processing Director, Quality Supplier

    "Blinker literally paid for itself the first day out of the box."
    Chris Catignani, Software Developer

    "Simply the best linker on the market, hands down."
    Kevin Stasiak, President, Acute Compute, Inc.

    "Blinker is our best investment in a development tool, and we couldn’t live without it! Blinker has saved us countless hours of work time in developing CASETRAK software."
    Charles Carstensen, President, Carstensen Company, Inc.

    "We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of Blinker’s capabilities, but with each feature we implement, we’re newly impressed by its depth, breadth, and power! A truly great product and fantastic workhorse."
    John Solu, Cost Controller, Allied Signal Inc.

      Download the Blinker 5.0 demonstration version

    • Compression of directly executable Windows, DOS and DOS extended .EXE and .DLL files.
    • DOS extended programs can use Dynamic Link Libraries for sharing of code.
    • 32 bit Windows linking for Windows 95 and Windows NT.
    • BLINKER.EXE now runs as a Windows or a DOS program.
    • New RC link script and module definition command to eliminate the extra Windows resource compiler pass.
    • New BLINKER.INI file allows processing of MS Link and TLINK scripts without modification.
    • New MAP link script command parameter X for a detailed segment listing in the MAP file.

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