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Vulcan.NET is a .NET xBase compiler that is integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio.2012, 2013 and 2015.  The Vulcan.NET language uses the same syntax and language constructs as Visual Objects, and will be immediately familiar to Clipper, FoxPro, xBase++ and Visual Objects programmers. Extensions to the language bring all the features of .NET into the xBase world. Vulcan.NET executables can be debugged with Microsoft debugging tools.

Integrated access to DBF/CDX and DBF/NTX desktop feature set in Vulcan.NET provide a smooth migration for applications accessing these database files. Comming Soon !  Vulcan.NET Version 4.00 with support for Visual Studio 2015  For those uses who maintain Visual Objects applications the VOPS Platinum Subscription may be a good licenceing option. For more information on Vulcan.NET please visit our new GoVulcan.Net web site


Visual Objects is a fully object-oriented 32 bit Windows development environment for creating sophisticated business Applications.

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