As of 12/31/2017 GrafX Database Systems Inc. is closed. 


We've Moved

Sadly,  After 20 years, due to the theft of our intellectual property and it's associated runtime), by an X-contractor, In the Netherlands,  we have closed our Business

"GrafX Database Systems Inc".


  Help Stamp out software piracy !  Protect yourself and your users from litigation from creating products with stolen software that calls itself "Open Source" yet contains our legal copyright !  AS software developers, we should be on the FRONT LINE to prevent Software Piracy !  Certain products created by a  thief in the Netherlands where created by using Vulcan. NET code. Currently, you can not use these products for V.O. code(which requires the Vulcan. NET Runtime copyrighted by GrafX database systems Inc., without al legal Vulcan.NET License..  Only you can prevent software Piracy !  Go Legal ! .

Warning "Demo" copies of Vulcan. NET may contain virus's dll's  that Visual is not responsible for. Use at your own risk.  

Only download from GoVulcan.NET

Use illegal "Xbase" for .NET software at your own risk !    

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